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About the Book

Forget the old-school “motivation” and pop-psychology that fills so many self-improvement books—it’s out of date and, honestly, doesn’t work that well in the first place. What you need to thrive in today’s distracting, fast-paced world are three, fundamental self-mastery skills—cognitive control, emotional self-regulation, and impulse control. Together, these skills are the Holy Grail of personal development, and Raise Your Inner Game presents the world's first system for developing all three.

Using engaging stories and a clear, no-nonsense style, QBQ! co-author David Levin has crafted a practical yet powerful guide for how to:

- Control your negative thoughts and emotions

- Shut out distractions and stay focused

- Access your most creative and innovative ideas

- Perform better under pressure

- Strengthen your willpower and self-control

- Improve your self-esteem

- Experience more joy and fulfillment

- And much more

Whether you’re driven to be your best and to make a bigger difference in the world or you just want to be happier and have more in control of your life, Raise Your Inner Game gives you the blueprint and the tools.