My “magic keystrokes” for boosting productivity

Do you ever get frustrated with all the distractions that come at you on your computer while you’re trying to work on something?

If so, I’m sharing my favorite tips for dealing with that in this week’s post, plus a couple of other shortcuts I love.

FYI, these are Mac-centric. I don’t know the equivalents on Windows, but I assume they exist.

In any case, check out my “magic keystrokes.” If you don’t know these shortcuts already, I think you’ll find them very helpful.



  • A simple productivity hack to block out distractions and stay focused. 
  • The importance of making uninterrupted time for thinking.
  • Another super helpful Mac tool (you likely aren’t taking full advantage of). 
  • Watch/listen to get the full message.



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Still on my reading break. And reading WAY too much news in its place. So, nothing good to report. Sorry. :-)

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