Mourning the Loss of the Neighbors

Mourning the Loss of the Neighbors

Mourning the Loss of the Neighbors

Our quality of life just took a big hit. Our favorite people moved away.

Two years ago, we moved here to be near them (among other things). We ended up a block and a half away. Neighbors!

It’s been incredibly great. Even better than we’d imagined.

But now they’ve moved. (Don’t blame them. It was always the plan.)

It’s not that far. Just a mile out of town. Five-minute drive. Shouldn’t be a big thing. But I’m realizing now, it’s a very big thing. 

We’re not neighbors anymore.

Here’s what the last two years have been like:

  • Walking /riding to school together. The crazy caravan. A chance to chat.
  • Taking their kids, if they need.
  • Them taking ours, if we need. Same thing on the way home.
  • Checking on their cats when they’re out of town.
  • Them watering our plants /picking our garden when we’re gone.
  • Borrowing mayo in a pinch or a cupcake pan.
  • Kids coming and going – early, late, short, long, scooter, walk, run, skip – all on a moment’s notice.
  • Driving /walking /riding by the house. Waving, smiling, honking (or stopping) on the way to somewhere else.
  • Feeling them in our lives many times a day, even if we’re not doing something together.
  • The comfort of having that kind of neighbor.
  • The pride of being that kind of neighbor.

All gone now.

We’re still connected, of course – and always will be.

But we’re not neighbors.

It’s a bigger loss than I expected.

If you want to make a major improvement in your life, find a way to live within a block or two of people you feel connected to, especially if they’re in a similar phase of life – kids, etc.

Truly, you’ll love everything about it. It adds to your life precisely the things that bring the most happiness.

The only downside is, they might move.

How about you? How close do you live to your favorite people? Ever lost neighbors you loved? How did you adjust?

Leave a comment, while you’re here. I’d love to hear your story.

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  • Jerry McIntire

    September 17, 2012

    We lived close to several families we connected with, in a cohousing community in Washington state. Great situation for kids: no streets/cars between houses, a large kitchen and dining room for meals and other get-togethers, easy-to-share childcare, centrally visible play areas inside and out. Good for the parents and empty-nesters too. That’s why we’re building one in our new hometown in Wisconsin.

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