Inner Game Journal 10-25-19

My past three months (below). Note the three columns, Sit, No News, Coke. Those have the biggest effects on my Inner Game. Pretty much completely off track with those for over three months. Yikes. And on the left, with the running, etc, you can see the frequency slowly dropping off. The longer I slip with the negative items, the harder it is to stay with the positive ones. Could not be clearer.

But the good news is, five days back on track and I feel completely different. I still want a coke several times during the day. I still want to check the news. I still have to work to make myself get out and run. Gravity hasn’t gone away. But I’m back on top of it, and each little win makes the others that much easier. And the feeling is night and day.

Best of all, getting back on was actually super easy. Decided, told the family, and started first thing Monday.

If you’ve been off track, you can get back on at any time. Just pick it back up.

If you’re still not using these tools to manage your Inner Game, now is the time. You won’t believe how easy it is, and you will love the difference it makes for you.

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