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Having a hard time staying focused and productive?

Struggling with a decision?

Got a big presentation coming up?

Nervous about a difficult conversation you need to have?

I can help. And I'd love to.

Consulting and coaching is what started me on the path to everything I’ve done outside of music, and it’s still one of my favorite things to do because it makes such an immediate difference for people.

If there’s something on the list below you’d like help with, click the "Coaching Info Request" button and we'll set up a time to talk.

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  • Master Your Inner Game

    If the pressure, stress, and distractions of work are making it hard to feel good about yourself and what you’re doing, I’ll help you get back on track and take it to the next level.

    The Focus Framework™ teaches you how to better understand and manage your thoughts and emotions so you can be more focused, productive and fully alive, every single day.

    “I can’t thank you enough for the program. I thought it was great. I got exactly what I was looking for, and would absolutely recommend it to others. It’s an exceptional value.” – Michael Webb, M.D. (neurosurgeon)

    Bottom line: If your life looks better on the outside than it feels on the inside, this is perfect for you. It’ll be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

  • Plan / Prep For A Difficult Conversation

    Everyone dreads “difficult conversations,” but the truth is, they can make the relationship stronger and improve performance – if you do them right.

    The trick is to get the framing and emotions right, and have the right strategy and mindset going in.

    I’ll help you think it through and plan what you’re going to say to get the best possible outcome.

  • Get Clarity On A Difficult Issue

    If you have a difficult question or problem you’re struggling with, I’ll help you think it through, pick the best path, and feel good about your decision.

    Sometimes you just can’t tell which way to go. An objective, creative outside perspective can make all the difference, especially with navigating the emotional/people aspects, which are frequently the trickiest parts.

    As a bonus, I can also help you come up with what to say, as communication is most always part of the solution.

  • Crush Your Next Presentation

    The key to a great presentation is a combination of clarity and connection.

    What’s the take-home message? What three points do you want people to understand? What stories will you use to support those?

    Get the structure right and everything else falls into place.

    If you have a big presentation coming up, I’ll work with you to make sure it’s a home run.

  • Plan / Communicate An Important Message

    If you’ve got a big initiative coming up, an important issue to address, or any other urgent messaging need, I’ll work with you to make sure the message hits the mark and moves people to action.

    Click the “Coaching Info Request” button. We’ll set up a time to talk.

Coaching Info Request
Brad Kynoch, Entrepreneur

Before we started working together, I had a mixed bag of insomnia, stress, anxiety, low energy, low motivation, and lack of focus. Through focus coaching, David helped me regain intellectual control and increase my awareness and reaction to triggers that used to get the better of me on days when I didn’t feel rested. His progressive yet practical approach, intellectual exploration, conversational style, and supportive understanding were just the right mix for me!

Brad Kynoch, Entrepreneur
Jeff Haroldson, PharmD, MBA

I’ve known David for over 15 years and I’ve consulted with him on numerous occasions to get me through important career decisions, challenging conversations with managers and touchy situations with colleagues or customers. David has the unique ability to see things from my perspective but, more importantly than that, he gets me to see my situation from a different vantage point — it’s there where I find clarity, ideas and solutions. David asks the insightful questions. The difficult questions. The ones that force you to act and do the right thing.

Jeff Haroldson, PharmD, MBA
Larry Preston, Founder, Digital Opera

As a business and organizational leader, you are sometimes faced with very difficult decisions that go beyond your immediate team. When you really need to weigh out all the possible outcomes, pitfalls and benefits of a very large decision – such as a product pivot, a staff change, mergers, buyouts, difficult clients and the like, David Levin will become the best asset you have.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to share the issue with a knowledgeable, experienced person like David to look at it from a really fresh angle and help yo find the clarity and focus you need to move forward in everyone’s best possible interest.

If you’re thinking about contacting David for a consult – don’t hesitate. It’s well worth it.

Larry Preston, Founder, Digital Opera
Coaching Info Request