Are you a “highly sensitive person?” (HSP)

Does it ever seem like you’re more sensitive to certain things than other people (ie: loud noises, temperature, criticism), to the extent that it makes you think there’s maybe something wrong with you? :-)

If so, you’re going to enjoy this post. I heard this week about a helpful new way to think about traits like this that I think you’ll find really helpful.


[ Image source: the odyssey online ]


  • A fascinating new “personality profile” (sort of).
  • Walk-through: “21 signs that you’re a Highly Sensitive Person.”
  • The benefits of being an HSP.
  • A surprisingly helpful resource to help HSPs thrive.
  • Watch/listen to get the full message.


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Still on a reading break. Honestly not going that well. :-) Reading the news instead, which is a terrible trade-off. Hoping to get back on track with that this week.

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