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I love working with people who want to raise their Inner Game, and especially with those who want to help OTHERS do that, such as the coaches of high school and college athletes. The teenage years are the perfect time to learn self-regulation skills and sports is the perfect reason to do it. Whether it's through our trainings, or writing and speaking, it’s incredibly exciting to see the difference this kind of personal development work makes in people’s lives.


I’ve been a writer and professional speaker since 1997 (five books, over 300 presentations). Before that, I had my own audio production company (’92-’99), and waited tables (’87-’94).

I’m also a life-long singer-songwriter and computer geek. I joined my first rock band in 1975. Was on the road full-time for ten years (’77-’87). Since then, I’ve released 4 CD’s as a solo artist. (Rock: Sting meets Fountains of Wayne.) I took my first programming course in 1976 (BASIC. University of Montana. DEC system 10). First computer: Commodore 64. First Apple: Mac Plus. Current lineup: iMac, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Pro.

My wife, Margret, and I have been together since 1988 (we met waiting tables in Minneapolis). It’s a cliché but I really am the luckiest guy in the world. We have two beautiful children (Peter and Frances), and in 2010, left the big city for Viroqua, WI. (I have another son, Aaron from a previous relationship, who grew up with his mother, and is married with three kids of his own.)

I really love being a Dad. It’s so incredibly rich and alive. Keeps me feeling young and old at the same time. Feel incredibly fortunate for all of it. I work from home, like to run, love to ski and play and fly and make things – and I totally love my life.


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